The Caring, Compassionate Left: “Burn Her!”

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Dana Loesch with luggage

Dana Loesch (pronounced “lash”) is a wife, a mother, a journalist, and a spokesperson for the National Rifle Association. She speaks and writes on gun rights, with an emphasis on self-protection for women. One of her videos is titled, “Here’s a message for every monster who preys on women.”

One might expect that her job with the NRA would evoke opposition, even contempt, from leftists ‒ but not homicidal rage. One would be wrong.

Recently her family, including her two young sons, received credible death threats. Her home address was publicized on the Internet. She had to hurriedly pack some belongings in garbage bags, then flee with her family to a (hopefully) undisclosed location. That would be a subject for a column if it were an isolated incident. It isn’t.

She just participated in a Town Hall on the subject of school shootings. It was sponsored by CNN, whose president, Jeff Zucker, was there in person to see that things went according to plan. Apparently they did.

The auditorium was packed ‒ in both senses of that word ‒ with anti-gun people, including students who had survived the recent Parkland high-school attack, and some family members of the dead and injured. Some students were given scripted questions to ask, and told to stick to the script and not use their own words. Now there’s a lesson for young citizens of a free nation.

Revealingly, a question apparently meant for Dana Loesch was asked of Democratic Senator Bill Nelson. Moderator Jake Tapper intervened, told Nelson he didn’t have to answer the question, and went to another question. Mustn’t go off script, you see.

This isn’t merely fake news. It appears to be an event organized and scripted by the mainstream media, for the purpose of advancing their leftist agenda. This is reminiscent of the scripted events put on by the communist government of the Soviet Union and other totalitarian states.

Yes, a free press is essential to a free nation. But is this an example of a free press, or of a propaganda organization? The word “mainstream” is not a synonym for the word “free,” and in this case may even be an antonym.

Dana Loesch states that if it were not for her three-man private security detail, she might not have gotten out of the auditorium. Others dispute this claim. But the only way for her to prove it would have been to dismiss the security detail, then try to escape on her own. Having already had to flee for her life once, she would not have seen this as an attractive option.

The crowd yelled “murderer,” “child killer,” and “burn her.”

Scripted propaganda events, a compliant media, an enraged crowd, and threats to “burn” undesirables ‒ does all that remind you of anything, or anyone? If it doesn’t, perhaps you should study the history of the twentieth century. You might start by Googling Leni Riefenstahl. You wanted scripted events? She was your gal.

Leftists portray themselves as “caring” and “compassionate.” No, that was what liberals were. I used to be a liberal. In fact I still am a classical liberal, which is now called conservative. I still consider myself a Kennedy Democrat. He was strongly anti-communist. Under him, about half the federal budget went for defense, compared to 15 percent today. He pushed through a tax cut. When asked whether it would benefit the rich, he retorted, “A rising tide raises all boats.”

To make things crystal clear, John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a life member of the National Rifle Association, and he recognized that a principal purpose of the Second Amendment is to assure citizens the means of thwarting a tyrannical government.

Kennedy had served in combat in World War II. He had seen men die. He endured injuries that left him with lifelong pain. He knew the price of freedom and valued it more highly than do many current politicians, for whom it is just a word to use in speeches.

“Caring” and “compassionate”? That’s what leftists claim to be. But sometimes the cloak slips, revealing what lies beneath. It’s not a pretty sight. In fact, it’s downright ugly and frightening. If you ever doubt this, think of Dana Loesch and her garbage-bag luggage. And if you ever doubt that the First Amendment and the Second are closely connected, think of her being threatened with death for expressing her support of gun rights.

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  • It gets worse. The staunchly anti-gun Los Angeles Times ran an opinion piece on this episode. The column was titled, “NRA hits new low as it shoots the messenger.” “Shooting the messenger” is a common expression and usually is not meant literally. But this column refers to a shooting. What is the meaning here?

    In short, NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch criticizes the media for biased reporting. She herself was threatened with death twice for her views. Then the Times claims SHE wants to shoot the messenger. In psychology, projection is a mechanism for taking our own unwanted thoughts and feelings, and fobbing them off on others.

    Worse still, the columnist claims that Loesch’s “…fake smile that was eerily similar to the one worn by Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore’s wife, Kayla, when she snippily informed journalists that ‘one of our attorneys is a Jew.'” There are countless people wjth fake smiles. Why pick Roy Moore’s wife? Is the columnist implying that Dana Loesch is a bigot? Or is the columnist implying that Loesch’s husband fooled around with young teenagers? Why else use that example?

    It’s not enough to twice threaten the life of a gun-rights spokesperson. No, they have to personally insult her and her husband by implication. There is low, and then there is really low.

  • As if all that weren’t enough, read these “caring” remarks that “honor diversity” and “tolerance” and “respect women.” To call these people “liberal” is an insult to the memory of my parents, as well as to the memory of Jack Kennedy. They are about as “liberal” as the Exalted Cyclops of the KKK.

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