Roof Too Sloped For An Agent, But Not For A 70-Year-Old

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Roof Too Sloped For An Agent, But Not For A 70-Year-Old

Thought it couldn’t possibly get worse? It just did. The word “inexcusable” comes to mind. Past a certain point, stupidity merges into malice. The two become indistinguishable. And from the victim’s point of view, it makes little difference.

a) The roof was too sloped to put an agent on it. Or,
b) That’s a great place to station a shooter to kill the s.o.b.

As the supersonic bullet whizzed by Trump’s head, taking a small piece of his right ear with it, what conceivable difference could it possibly make to Trump whether a) or b) is correct? None whatever.

Oh yes, it would make a difference in court if someone were to face charges of conspiracy to commit murder or conspiracy to commit a terrorist act. But that is most unlikely to happen.

Entering the open door of the U.S. Capitol for a few minutes? Oh, my goodness, that’s terrorism – throw away the key. But coming within a centimeter of blowing the brains out of the Leader of the Opposition, which is what Trump is? No problem. It’s merely an innocent oversight. They were awfully busy, after all. Now let’s all go cheer for President Harris. Or whoever.


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