The Aurora Movie Massacre

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The facts are not yet clear on the Aurora, Colorado movie theater massacre. But predictably, calls for stricter gun-control laws are already being heard. Granted, much of the audience was composed of young people. But there were many adults there, either by themselves or with children. So I ask a key question: Why was no one in the audience but the murderer armed?
Colorado is a shall-issue state. That is, anyone without a record of criminal convictions or mental instability can obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon, after suitable training. So in a packed theater, one would expect that some people might be armed. However, some businesses have a no-weapons policy. I would bet serious money that this theater chain has such a policy. Preliminary information is that this is the case.
Once again, as in Columbine High School, and as in the four airliners on 9/11, we see that “gun-free” zones in reality can become free-fire zones. Mass murderers and terrorists are not deterred by no-weapons policies. This is hardly surprising, except to devotees of gun-control laws.

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