Don’t Have To Believe It, Just Say It

By | March 8, 2021 | 0 Comments

I always assumed totalitarian regimes spouted propaganda that people were forced to believe. Then I read a Soviet dissident who explained that if you believed the lies, well and good. But if you didn’t believe them, but still parroted them out of fear, so much the better.

If you believed the lies you had sold your mind. But if you didn’t believe them, and still repeated them, you had sold your soul.

Massive immigration of low-skilled people not tested for Covid? It’s good for us during pandemic & lockdown.. Biological males taking track medals from girls & women? It’s only fair. Biological male sending MMA woman to hospital with concussion & multiple facial fractures? Even fairer. Sending stimulus checks to convicts in prison & illegal immigrants? Absolutely the fairest.

Just keep repeating all this baloney. Be a good little subject. Don’t attract the attention of Big Brother. It’s not healthy.


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