Care For Immigrant Children, Ignore Our Own?

By | March 31, 2021 | 0 Comments

“Long-time Foster Family Gets Booted from Their Group Home So Unaccompanied Minors Can Move In.” This really says it all. Kick out a long-time family that fosters needy American kids, and replace them with people who will foster unaccompanied minors who just came across the border.

Suppose a man who lives down the block from you was friendly and polite to strangers, especially children. But suppose you could hear him nightly yelling at his own kids. Would you want to be around him? Specifically, would you want your children around him? Could you trust a man who neglected and mistreated his own children, no matter how politely he treated the children of strangers? No, you couldn’t.

Mistreating one’s own children and giving preference to the children of strangers betrays a serious moral and emotional problem. We should not leave such troubled people in charge of anyone’s children. Yes, Bidenville is difficult to look at. Immigrant kids packed together like sardines are a national disgrace. But the solution is to limit immigration to numbers that can be safely accommodated. The solution is not to displace and ignore our own children. That is a sin.

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