A Cop Nearly Drew A Gun On Me

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Our primitive ancestors taught their children to avoid saber-tooth cats and cave bears. Otherwise we would not be here. But are we more “advanced” humans doing as well? Yes, we heard about Black parents giving their kids “the talk” on how to interact with police. But what, exactly, does “the talk” include?

And what, if anything, do parents of all ethnic groups tell their children? Do they try to counteract the nasty anti-police propaganda spewed out by mainstream media and “community activists”? If kids are taught that police are racists, White supremacists, and trigger-happy killers, how do we expect them to treat police? With gratitude for allowing them to sleep safely in their beds at night. With respect for their difficult, dangerous, often thankless job? With understanding of their suspicion and anxiety when people make sudden moves? Are you serious?

Let me tell you a story. The house next door was being remodeled. Trucks frequently blocked our driveway. One day I was picking up nails from my driveway, a frequent occurrence. The contractor was there, so I said, “How would you like it if I put nails in front of your car?”

The contractor replied angrily, “Keep away from my car or I’ll kill you!” On the chance that the contractor was serious or on a controlled substance, I called the police. Eventually a police car arrived, and a female officer got out. I explained the situation as calmly as I could.

Then I did something stupid. I wanted to identify myself as the homeowner, so without warning I reached into my pocket for my wallet. Immediately, the officer took a small step back with her right foot, brought her left hand in front of her, and moved her right hand near her pistol. I knew enough about guns to recognize that she was preparing to assume the Weaver stance and draw her weapon. I apologized for my stupidity. The officer did not apologize, nor did I expect her to. Oh, did I mention that both the officer and I are White?

Jack Weaver, L.A. Deputy Sheriff, 1959

There is an abundant supply of racism in the world. We don’t need to invent more by seeing it in the problems of daily life. If we claim to see racism when it isn’t there, we pour gasoline on the flames of racial hostility. Even worse, we trivialize and cheapen the word, so that when real racism occurs, people will be less likely to pay attention. It is hard to imagine a more destructive behavior.

Remember the Stone Age parents cautioning their children to avoid irritating cave bears. Remember my cop assuming the Weaver stance while facing a middle-aged, 5’9″, gray-haired, glasses-wearing White homeowner. Treat police with respect. In the great majority of cases, it will be returned. And if it isn’t, then you have a legitimate complaint.

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