To Bring Down A Nation, Wreck Its Schools

By | April 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

When my mother’s family arrived at Ellis Island from Eastern Europe, they did not know what they would find in their new homeland. But they did know one thing. They knew they could trust their children’s education to public schools. They were confident that their kids would be taught the fundamentals of English, mathematics, and history. Specifically, that they would be taught to be good Americans – people who respected their nation and were equipped to be productive citizens.

Things have changed, and not for the better. Look at these two news reports:

There are many more items that could enlarge this list. But these two tell the story: Dumb down the curriculum, and replace actual learning with leftist indoctrination. If you set out to handicap the next generation, what would you do differently? If you wanted to bring down America, what would you change? If your answer is “nothing,” you see my point. Now what are you going to do about it?

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