Leave Afghanistan By Sept. 11?

By | June 7, 2021 | 0 Comments

President Biden plans to remove all US troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11. A hint of what will result is the recent Taliban attack on a girls’ school, with 60 dead. The Taliban oppose educating girls and women – oppose it rather forcefully. And what will happen to the thousands of Afghans who helped us as translators, guides, and in other ways?

Some problems can be solved with a clever stratagem. Some can’t. The situation in Afghanistan can be summed up by three quotations:

  • “If you leave, we will call you cowards; if you stay, we will call you occupiers.” – Anti-Taliban fighter to US officer in excellent film “Twelve Strong.”
  • “You couldn’t fix something that was intent on staying broken.” – Brad Thor, “Hidden Order.”
  • “You can’t practice nation-building in a place that isn’t a nation in the first place.” – Anon.

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