Southern Border The New Ellis Island?

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Democrat Rep. brands US-Mexico border the ‘new Ellis Island.’

My mother’s family came through Ellis Island in the early 20th century. But unlike most of those crossing the border now:

  • They came legally, through a legal port of entry.
  • They waved small American flags, not flags of their former homeland.
  • They presented themselves to immigration officers.
  • They were subject to health inspections.
  • They were delayed at Ellis Island until a child’s eye infection subsided.
  • They were sponsored by relatives who agreed to support them and prevent them from being on public welfare.
  • They quickly found menial jobs, despite lacking high-school educations.
  • They stuck by their wives and children and supported them.
  • They wouldn’t have dreamed of sending their children unaccompanied, at the mercy of human traffickers.
  • They saved their money and opened businesses.
  • They bought houses for their families and put their kids through college.
  • They were never arrested or went on public welfare.
  • They became citizens and renounced allegiance to their former homeland.
  • They never thought of themselves as Russians living in America, but as proud Americans, so their neighbors thought of them that way as well.

No, the southern border is not the new Ellis Island. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

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