Larry Elder Speaks For School Sports, Against Lockdown

By | July 13, 2021 | 0 Comments

Conservative talk-show host and author Larry Elder announces his candidacy to replace Gavin Newsom as California governor. Two stories he told:

  • Single mom has son in high school, highly rated varsity wrestler. Coach was father figure. But all sports stopped by prolonged lockdown. Boy suicidally depressed sitting home all day, now in therapy. Some can spend day playing video games. Some can’t.
  • Man coached high-school sports, mainly minority boys, many fatherless. Worked hard to be father figure. But all sports stopped by prolonged lockdown. One of his boys committed a serious crime, will be in prison for years. Man left California for Tennessee, where he can resume coaching and being a surrogate father. But who will replace him?

Who besides Elder is speaking up for those kids and their coaches? Who besides Elder even recognizes there is a problem? Newsom dines – without a mask – with wealthy backers in an exclusive restaurant, while the ordinary people he ignores deal with the problems he created. But being progressive, Newsom feels good about himself, and that’s what’s important, isn’t it?

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