Is Biden A Moderate Being Used, Or A Leftist?

By | September 23, 2021 | 0 Comments

Do you believe that President Biden is senile, and others are manipulating him for their own purposes? Do you believe he would stop the current immigrant surge if he were fully aware? Do you believe tens of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border are the result of incompetence and confusion? Do you believe the huge immigrant camp under the bridge is the result of a mistake? Do you believe Biden is a moderate who is being used by radical leftists?

Watch these remarks of then-Vice President Biden in 2015, when he sounds clearer mentally, and more able to express himself unambiguously.

Biden states clearly his plan for continued waves of immigration until White Americans constitute a minority. This is not presented as something that might happen, but as something that should happen. There is no discussion of the political or social beliefs of the new immigrants, only of their races. There is no discussion of Americanizing the new immigrants, but of changing America to suit them.

As usual, Biden made a large factual error. He claimed Whites would become a minority in 2017, when in fact the Census Bureau estimates this will happen in 2043. But that’s not the problem. The problem is Biden’s clearly expressed plan to change the electorate into a sure Democratic Party majority forever – or until the country falls apart, whichever comes first.

A continent which imports the world’s people will also import the world’s problems. – Douglas Murray, “The Strange Death of Europe”

Immigrants come with baggage, even if they arrive empty-handed. – Anon.

In a free country, when the people tire of the government, they change the government. In an unfree country, when the government tires of the people, it changes the people. – Anon.

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