Fauci: “Celebrate Halloween But Too Soon To Tell About Christmas”

By | October 10, 2021 | 0 Comments

Fauci offers his OK on Halloween fun: ‘You can get out there’
Fauci says it’s “too soon to tell” whether Americans should avoid gathering for Christmas

Now let’s see. Halloween is Oct. 31, and Dr. Fauci knows that it’s okay to get out there and have fun. Christmas is Dec. 25, but it’s “too soon” to know whether we can celebrate it properly. What can we learn from all this?

This is not the first time that Halloween took precedence over Christmas. The first year that West Hollywood, California, was incorporated as an independent city, the city offices were closed on Halloween but open on Christmas.

This was not a reflection of the holidays’ popularity. Despite its recent increase in celebration, Halloween still ranks second to Christmas. No, something else must be at play. Was it theological: devils and ghouls are more in vogue than God? Was it psychological: vampires make no demands on us, but God does? Was it economic: do West Hollywood’s Halloween celebrations bring in more money than Christmas?

Whatever the reason, we are reminded that the Bible tells us that no one can serve two masters, God and the devil. It may not be hyperbole to state that we are in the process of demonstrating the truth of that proverb. Celebrate Halloween all we want, but be careful on Christmas? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


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