Face Masks Forever? Arbitrary Detention? Oh Wait, I Got Off At The Wrong Country

By | December 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

Dr. Fauci predicts face mask requirements on airplanes will never go away: ‘We should be doing it’
Proposed New York Legislation Allows Indefinite Detention of Unvaccinated, Contacts, or Anyone at Governor’s Whim

These are only two of the signposts on the road we are traveling at breakneck speed. But they suffice to tell us where we are heading. After reading these two proposals, dare you pretend that the America where we grew up, the America so many died or bled to defend, is still the same America?

Dare you pretend to be unaware that the Constitution is to our current leaders what the Bible is to the irreligious: a dusty relic of the past, unstudied, unobserved, and unlamented.

Dare you pretend that you know what to expect next year, or next week? Who knows what new totalitarian measures will be enforced?

Dare you pretend to be confident that when Covid-19 burns itself out, as all pandemics do, there will be anything worthwhile remaining?

Our ancestors took great pains to pass down to us the torch of liberty. Let us take care, lest a face mask smother it.

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