Does Fauci Want To Crush Hope?

By | January 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

Fauci: We’re Just In Phase One Of ‘Five Phases Of The Pandemic

Dr. Fauci is an educated, intelligent man. When he repeatedly contradicted himself – about whether Covid spread person-to-person, about whether masks were useful, about the travel ban, about other important things – we thought it was the developing science, or simply that he was unreliable. But what if it was deliberate? What if, by repeatedly changing direction and moving the goalposts, he intended to break our will? This is a technique of interrogating a criminal or terrorist suspect: keep changing signals until he just gives up and does what you want.

At first this idea seemed farfetched, even paranoid. But now it seems plausible. Just as others are predicting that the Omicron surge may be the last, here comes good old Doc Fauci to tell us this is just the first of five phases.

Everyone with an IQ above that of an potato would know that this proclamation will not be well received. It is becoming more likely that Fauci’s motive is not to be believed, or to fight the pandemic, but to crush hope and break our will to resist. Is he succeeding? Stay tuned.


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