Military Kids Have “Privilege”? Now We Know Where That Comes From

By | January 19, 2022 | 0 Comments

What kind of heartless jerk would call those kids “privileged”?

Report: “Fairfax County VA Public Schools have students play “privilege” bingo, giving them privilege points if they are white, male, employed, etc. It also says they have “privilege” if they are a “Military Kid,” drawing shock from parents who pointed out that children of military members must move away from their friends constantly, not see one of their parents for months on end, potentially deal with post-traumatic stress disorder, and risk becoming orphans.”

Whatever the pretended motive of this progressive educational agenda, the real effect is to punish kids if they work after school, participate in sports, or have a parent in the military. Those who punish positive activities will inevitably excuse negative activities: “Yes, he sent another kid to the hospital, but he has issues.”

You want to make kids feel guilty because they have a parent in the military? It doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out where you are coming from. You can spew your anti-American hate all you want, but keep your hands off our children. They’re our children, you know, not yours to indoctrinate with your nasty ingratitude and undeserved hatred.

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