Are Schools Doing Their Job? What Job Is That?

By | June 13, 2022 | 0 Comments

– Letter addressed in very clear cursive returned “undeliverable,” hand printed goes through.
– Kids can’t read analog clocks, school removes them rather than teach kids how.
– Simple biblical references – Cain & Abel, Jonah & whale, Jesus in garden – not understood by young people.

And you were saying that our educational system is excellent, now that schools have reopened after the pandemic?

How can young people work at the post office if they can’t read cursive? How can they work in retail if they can’t make change? How can they support a family if they aren’t suited for a decent job? How can they be self-sufficient citizens if they lack any understanding of Judeo-Christian civilization? They can’t? Oh wait, then maybe it’s deliberate.

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