Failing Power Grid + Electric Cars = Big Trouble

By | July 17, 2022 | 0 Comments
Electric car owners told to avoid charging during peak hours because of Texas grid shortage. Oh, you mean electricity may be in short supply, not just gasoline? You mean not just the amount but the time may be crucial? We can gas our cars any time we need to, in 5 minutes. But electric cars may take 8 hours to charge, and not at the times we need them as well? Who knew?
Anyone with a functioning brain knew, that’s who. And now they want to enforce all-electric homes as well. No new power plants. Close nuclear, coal, and natural gas plants. Rely on wind that is erratic and solar that works only during day. Power grid already over-stretched and failing. We already are forced turn off air conditioning in summer and heat in winter. If you set out to wreck the economy and cause human misery, what would you do differently?

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