Do You Have The Correct State Of Mind?

By | September 15, 2022 | 0 Comments

Search warrant for Mike Lindell’s phone authorizes search for anything govt might use, including “state of mind” of Lindell and others. State of mind may be useful to judge premeditation – for example, 1st degree versus 2nd degree murder. But how is it relevant here? If the motive was to prove election fraud, would this be a plus or a minus for the people under investigation? If suspecting election fraud is something you dare not say, trying to prove it would be an even worse crime.

Mike has no computer and runs his businesses with his phone. It also runs his hearing aid. Moral: Back up your phone frequently, using a laptop and/or 2nd phone. Who knows when it may be lost, stolen, fall in the toilet, or be seized by the feds? Remember, “the right to privacy” refers only to abortion, not to actual privacy. Big Brother is always listening. Be careful what of you say, what you text, and your state of mind. Where do you think you are – America?

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