Photoshopped Politicians? What Next?

By | November 18, 2022 | 0 Comments

In a 1st rate paper, we must read editorials to find political bias. In a 2nd rate paper, bias is apparent in news articles. In a 3rd rate paper, even the images are photoshopped. Front page LA Times: Newly elected mayor Karen Bass, who is of average height, shown as 6-foot-plus as if she were a fashion model, not a politician.

Photoshopping fashion models, who are already tall, into weird space-alien-appearing beings with tiny heads and hugely long legs is, I believe, harmful to girls and young women. Unnaturally slender model images can lead to body dysmorphia and anorexia, a serious illness.

Must we now have unnaturally tall images of politicians as well? Must the dishonesty and lack of journalistic integrity go that far? Must the political agenda be that pervasive?

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