“15 Days To Flatten The Curve”

By | November 21, 2022 | 0 Comments

California Medical Board to suspend licenses of doctors who spread “misinformation.” But who decides what that is?
• Fauci said Covid was not spread person to person. Doctor who said it was could lose license.
• Fauci said it was spread person to person. Doctor who said it wasn’t could lose license.
• Fauci said 15 days to flatten curve. Doctor who said it would take longer could lose license.
• Fauci kept lockdown going for over a year. Doctor who said 15 days was enough could lose license.

Science is a process of finding truth through experiments. It is not a set of dogmas you must believe to be “saved.” Censors are the enemies of science, no matter what they claim. Their role model is the Inquisition, not Galileo. They have no role in a free nation…if that is what we still have.

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