Young People Vote Democratic – Not A Hopeful Sign

By | November 23, 2022 | 2 Comments

Dennis Prager: Recent key elections were decided by young people voting heavily Democratic, while older people voted more for the GOP. This is not a hopeful sign. As older folks die off, our nation will be left to those who were indoctrinated into leftism in universities.

Granted, some become more conservative as they mature, get married, and have children. But fewer young people are doing that. And we may soon be at the tipping point, where the leftward surge can no longer be corrected. In aviation it’s called an unrecoverable stall. In politics it’s called they control the vote counting.

Mortgage your home to pay tuition for elite universities that alienate your kids from you and your deeply held values, and will ultimately destroy our constitutional republic. What a deal!

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