Firearm Advice Based On Total Ignorance

By | January 20, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Biden: Homeowners should scare away trespassers with a shotgun blast. Dangerous, who knows where shot will go? Illegal in most places.
• Biden: Police should shoot offender in shoulder, leg. Impossible with moving offender, moving officer. Such wounds can be fatal, hit artery. Can over-penetrate, hit bystander. There is no such thing as a little lethal force – it is either justified or it isn’t.

All this illustrates Murphy’s Law of Expertise: The less someone knows about a subject, the stronger the opinion. If they know nothing at all, the opinion is expressed with absolute certainty. Knowledge and certainty are often inversely proportional. Living in million-dollar mansions and being guarded by armed Secret Service agents hardly makes one an expert on self-defense.

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