Anti-American, Anti-Bible, Just Anti-

By | March 14, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Biden calls bans on gender surgery, puberty blockers “cruel, close to sinful.”
• Hanoi Jane Fonda calls for killing pro-life activists, then says it was a “joke.”

There you have the culture war in two brief news items. Castrating teens and rendering them infertile isn’t cruel or sinful, but banning such procedures is cruel and sinful. Posing for photos behind a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun – a gun that may have shot down US airmen – wasn’t enough, but calling for the murder of pro-life activists had to be added. As a “joke,” of course.

Anti-American, anti-biblical emotion runs deep. It persists into old age despite criticism. In fact, it is as strong as many people’s pro-American, pro-biblical emotion. Once we recognize that, we’ll know what to do.


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