Universities Are Breeding Grounds Of Fascism

By | April 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

In 1933 my mother attended the University of Vienna. She saw young Nazis disrupt classes and beat up opponents. I’m glad she isn’t alive to see young fascists at SF State disrupt a speech by swimming champion¬† Riley Gaines, hit her on the head, and hold her hostage for 3 hours. Here we go again.

The current activists claim to favor transgender rights. But next month it will be another cause. The specifics change, but the “movement” goes on. They disrupt everything and beat up opponents in order to terrorize people into compliance.

If you were a student or a professor at SF State, would you speak freely? Or would you look over your shoulder before whispering an opinion the crazies might dislike? You may still call it a university, but in reality it is now just a leftist training school. Expel the demonstrators, jail the violent ones, or withdraw taxpayer money. No, Comrade Lenin, we are NOT going to pay for the rope to hang us.



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