Civilization Depends On People Doing Their Jobs

By | May 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

I could try to fix a leaking pipe, but I would probably make it worse, I need a plumber. I could try to install a light switch, but I might start fire, I need an electrician. I could try to restrain a violent man on the subway, but I might make things worse, I need a cop.

The man who was threatening people on the NYC subway probably jumped the turnstile and should have been stopped there. And when he punched the elderly lady in the face and sent her to the hospital with facial fractures, he should have spent years in prison. But he wasn’t stopped there. So he should have been inhibited when he saw a transit cop on the platform. But there were no cops.

So now they blame the young man for trying to do the job the cops did until those same people defunded and demoralized them. This goes beyond unfair and reaches perverse. Civilization depends on people doing their jobs. When we are forced to do other people’s jobs for which we are untrained, there is bound to be trouble.

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