New Idea: Give People What Works

By | June 4, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Toilet paper that fills the holder and is useful for normal-sized adults.
• Eye makeup that doesn’t fall apart when touched.
• Shirts that have collars taller than 1 inch and tails long enough to stay in pants.
• Muffins large enough not to vanish in toaster and need to be pried out with fork.
• Rubber bands that don’t disintegrate in a few weeks.
• Cleaning solutions that have actual cleaners and are not colored water.
• Grocery bags strong enough not to drop glass bottles on floor.
• Vaccines that actually prevent contracting or transmitting the disease.
• Pocket knives of steel strong enough not to roll from cutting up a cardboard box.
• Car fenders of steel strong enough not to dent from gentle hand pressure.
• Cars that use tech to do what we want, not make us do what they want.

My guess is that these products would sell in the millions, even if they cost a bit more. Worth a try?

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