Big Brother Isn’t Just Watching, He Can Shut You Down

By | June 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

Report: Amazon shuts down Smart Home completely for a week. Driver reported “racist” remark on Smart Doorbell when no one was home. No Alexa, no smart appliances, because programmed message said “Excuse me, can’t help you.” Big Brother shut down homeowner’s devices he paid for on his property. If you give up control of your life to big tech or big government, this is what to expect.

Also, if you can access home cameras on your phone, make sure they are only pointed outward. If you can see inside your home, so can hackers. They can see that no one is home, or even worse, that only your teenage daughter is home.

Amazon Shuts Down Smart Home Over Falsely Reported Racist Remark

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