Are You Proud Of The USA?

By | July 4, 2023 | 0 Comments

Poll: About twice as many Republicans as Democrats are proud or very proud of the USA. This is as expected. Leftists typically trash America, denigrate its history, and vilify its ideals. But this disparity may change.
• Censorship of media regarding Covid, transgender issues, and other subjects.
• Censorship of doctors and lawyers by professional organization.
• Weaponization of FBI and Dept of Justice against political opponents.
• Politicization of everything from sports to beer cans.
• Closing of churches and arrest of pastors who resist.
• Complete takeover of universities with muzzling of dissenting views.
• Young people say freedom of speech does not cover “hate speech,” meaning anything with which they disagree. In effect, First Amendment is repealed.

Even now, if asked whether I am proud of my country, I would hesitate before answering. Another few years of this, and I will have to say no.

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