Cocaine In White House, But Who Cares?

By | July 6, 2023 | 0 Comments

Dan Bongino, former Secret Service agent on presidential protection detail: Zero chance cocaine brought in White House by anyone but family. Hunter seen in library where drug was said to be found. Question: When will Dem leaders say enough? Answer: Never. Dishonest actions have already desecrated White House more than a few grams of cocaine could ever do. So relax, downhill slides are easy. It’s climbing back up that’s hard.

First we need to reassure friends and enemies that we are still a serious nation. That will take a while. Visitors will now be shown: This is where Lincoln ran the Civil War. This is where Teddy Roosevelt practiced marksmanship. This is where Franklin Roosevelt wrote “Day of Infamy” speech. This is where John Kennedy’s rocking chair stood. And this is where president’s son snorted blow. How the mighty have fallen!

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