Running Out Of Ammo We Left For The Taliban

By | July 10, 2023 | 0 Comments

Ukraine and US running out of ammo, especially 155mm shells. US ammo stocks depleted by shipments to Ukraine. US ammo production capacity too low. Can’t maintain regional war in Eastern Europe, how could we engage China or Russia, or even worse, both? But here is an idea: Go back to Afghanistan and pack up the tons of ammo we left there. Surely the Taliban couldn’t have used it all up.

And here is a question: If you set out to weaken our military, what more could you do? Woke policies to discourage enlistment and encourage early retirement of key personnel. Trans friendly barracks. Generals who understand “White rage” but not combat operations. A secretary of defense who is ambivalent about the USA. And now critical ammunition shortages of stuff we left behind..

We left it for the Taliban. Now we realize we need it. What military geniuses! At what point does incompetence merge into malice?

The Taliban posted photos of hundreds of US military vehicles it said were  abandoned in the chaotic pullout of Afghanistan and now form part of its  army

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