Accept The Unbelievable?

By | July 23, 2023 | 0 Comments

• They tell us sending much of our weapons and ammunition to Ukraine won’t weaken us.
• They tell us making the armed services woke won’t reduce enlistments.
• They tell us insulting Southerners by renaming installations won’t reduce enlistments.
• They tell us reducing enlistments when China threatens Taiwan is a good idea.
• They tell us puberty blockers are good because some kids have “wrong puberty.”
• They tell us to “follow the science” while they flip science off.
• They tell us making young people infertile is a good thing.
• They tell us retired health officials going to work for pharmaceutical companies won’t affect their judgment.
• They tell us retired generals going to work for defense companies won’t affect their judgment.
• They tell us defunding police and letting convicts out of prison has nothing to do with the rising crime rate.
• They tell us the economy is strong while millions of homeless camp in the streets.
• They tell us open borders have no relation to rising fentanyl deaths.
• They tell us to ignore the obvious fact that the President is running a crime family.

They tell us all this not despite the fact that it is incredible on its face, but because it is. If they can make us accept the unbelievable and shut up, it shows that they are powerful and we are weak. And what better message could a tyrant receive?

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