Liars Need Good Memories

By | July 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

Muckraker Peter Schweitzer: First they said Hunter Biden’s deals with Ukraine and China didn’t affect anyone else. Then they said the deals did affect others, but Joe Biden didn’t know about them. Then they said Joe knew about them, but didn’t participate. Then they said Joe participated, but didn’t profit. Now they say Joe profited, but was not compromised. Next they will say he was compromised, but it didn’t affect US foreign and military policy.

Corruption, bribery, and collusion with foreign governments as we flirt with nuclear war. But at least there are no more mean tweets.

If you are questioned by the police, choose a story and stick to it. If you repeatedly change your story in important ways, you just keep digging the hole deeper, and no one will believe you even if you decide to tell the truth. Liars need good memories.

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