Army Again Fails To Meet Recruiting Goals

By | October 5, 2023 | 0 Comments

Army again falls short of recruitment goal. Air Force and Navy do better but still fall short. Only Marine Corps meets its goal. The Biden Administration discusses various strategies to improve recruitment. But they cannot consider the one strategy that would guarantee success: Get rid of the Biden Administration.

Would you sign up to risk your life for those corrupt incompetents? Would you swear to obey the orders of political generals like “Thoroughly Modern” Milley, who concerned himself with “white rage” rather than what to do if China invaded Taiwan?

Disparage everything patriotic, or even masculine. What did you expect? A bunch of potential Captain Americas lined up around the block? Allow biological males to parade through women’s locker rooms and compete in women’s sports? Did you really believe that would attract manly men or feminine women?

You did it to yourselves, dummies. Now who will defend you?

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