Middle East Explodes…Again. Biden Administration Does Nothing…Again

By | October 7, 2023 | 0 Comments

• Eastern Europe with Trump: Uneasy peace. Eastern Europe with Biden: Full-scale war risking world war.
• Middle East with Trump: Abraham Accords, unprecedented peace agreements. Middle East with Biden: Massive terrorist attacks on Israel while State Dept. urges Israel not to respond.

But Trump was a fascist warmonger, right? And Biden is a peacemaker and conciliator, correct? The problem with living in a fantasy world is that, unpredictably, reality intrudes, sometimes violently.

Question: Of the two views, pro-Trump or pro-Biden, which would be favored by this Israeli hostage of Hamas? Those on the ground do not have the luxury of living in a fantasy world. They are stuck in reality.


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