“They Are In The Safe Room, They Caught Us”

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“The last text I got from my dad was, ‘They are in the safe room, they caught us.'” How would you feel if that was your dad? It is possible to sympathize with the desire of Palestinians to control their own land, and at the same time condemn unreservedly the Nazi-like atrocities of Hamas?

To put things in perspective, consider the 100,000 or more American deaths from fentanyl. The vast majority of fentanyl comes across our southern border. It makes little practical difference if it is manufactured in China, or made in Mexico of Chinese chemicals.

Suppose there was an American gang, call them the Northside Flatulators. Suppose they sent hundreds of thugs into Mexico to protest the fentanyl deluge. Suppose the Flatulators’ job was to kill men, women, and children, to rape women, and to kidnap women and children for ransom.

Would your liberal friends post Instagram notes on how they sympathized with both sides? Would leftist gurus pollute TV and the internet with phony justification for the Flatulators’ violent acts? No, of course not. No sane person would attempt to justify killing and kidnapping innocent Mexicans to protest what the cartels are doing. No sane person would attempt to justify hurting innocent Mexicans to protest what their government is condoning.

But killing and kidnapping innocent Jews? Desecrating their dead bodies? No problem. The world is very good at ignoring dead Jews; they’ve had a lot of practice.


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