NYU Students Tear Down Photos Of Missing Israelis

By | October 18, 2023 | 0 Comments

Report: NYU Students Tear Down Photos Of Missing ( And Possibly Kidnapped) Israelis.

It is one thing to believe that Israel should give up some of its territory. It is another thing to believe that Israel should give up all of its territory and cease to exist. But it is still another thing to impede the search for missing people, some of whom are probably American citizens. Not only dual US-Israel citizens, but also American citizens who are (were?) tourists, students, or religious pilgrims. No, these students hate Jews so much that they believe even someone visiting Israel deserves to be killed or taken hostage.

This is not just anti-Israel. It is not just anti-Jewish. It is not just anti-American. It is anti-human. Missing people, including children, should not be looked for? The search for them should not be encouraged? That is pure hate of Hitlerian proportions.


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