True Friends And False Friends

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Some time ago I ran into problems at work. It became known that I was on the boss’s *hit list. When I sat down at the lunch table, supposed “friends” looked at their watches as if they were late for a meeting, and hurried away without finishing their food. Two other “friends,” one a committed Jew and the other an evangelical, spread gossip about me without asking to hear my side.

You never really know people until they are tested. My “friends” couldn’t withstand even the risk of the boss’s disfavor. How could they have withstood a more severe test? The leaders of the Left and academia (but I repeat myself) didn’t wait for Israel to counterattack. They sparked anti-Israel demonstrations as soon as Israel was attacked. Hundreds of thugs roamed the streets, killing whole families at random, while these jerks paraded against Israel. This is the mentality of “Yes, she was raped, but she shouldn’t have worn such a short skirt.”

I came to realize that I had few friends,  I merely had colleagues at work. It is time for us to realize that we have few friends in the media or academia. They were tested and found wanting. And it wasn’t even much of a test.

An Open Letter To My Fake Friends

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