Are You A Jew? You People Are The Devil

By | October 26, 2023 | 0 Comments

“Are You A Jew? You People Are The Devil.”

Many people agree with that jerk. But until recently, they would be reluctant to yell such hateful words in public. But now Biden is in the White House. He is known to dislike Netanyahu. But was Biden pro-Israel when that nation had other prime ministers?

Hamas kills over 1000 Jewish civilians, and Biden sends $100 million to Gaza without any preconditions of non-aggression. Do you think, just possibly, that this sends a message of encouragement to closet anti-Semites, who are coming out of the closet even as we speak? Oh no, we didn’t want Trump with his mean tweets. So instead we got Biden, who looks like your grandpa but really is mean.

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