Be Careful How Far You Push People, And Whom You Are Pushing

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Cost of driving electric vehicle equal to paying $17.33 per gallon of gasoline, study finds.
“This is the f***ing USA” New Yorkers rip into man tearing down fliers of missing people in Israel.

At first glance these reports seem unrelated. But they are related. They demonstrate that you can push free people only so far. You can tout vehicles that are expensive and time-consuming to charge, and have limited range. Thus they are suitable for well-to-do city dwellers – that is, people like the leftist bureaucrats who are touting them. They are useful to show off your wealth and your devotion to the Earth goddess.

And you can go around praising Hamas for randomly killing whole families of civilians. But if you tear down photos of missing people probably taken hostage by Hamas, decent New Yorkers may object, perhaps physically.

Bottom line: Be careful how far you push people. Be aware of what kind of people you are pushing. In the 1930s and 1940s, Europeans were unarmed and had no tradition of individual freedom. So a tyrannical government could push Jews and other “deplorables” to meekly get on boxcars headed who-knew-where.

But you can’t do that to Americans. We do have a tradition of individual freedom. We like gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles. And we’re not getting on any stinking boxcars. John Moses Browning and Eugene Stoner helped us to make sure of that.

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