Eliminationist Jew Hatred

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• Formerly: Terrorists kill Israeli civilians. Israel retaliates. Leftist media and academia call for cease fire. That is, stop retaliating.

• Now: Terrorists kill Israeli civilians. Leftist media and academia call for cease fire even before Israel retaliates. That is, don’t retaliate at all.

• Bottom line: Jews deserve to be killed, raped, kidnapped. No retaliation is justified. World has room for 49 Muslim majority nations, but no room for even one Jewish majority nation.

This is eerily reminiscent of medieval anti-Semitism: Jews are cursed and deserve to wander the Earth and remain homeless. But it is more similar to Nazi doctrine: Jews deserve to die. Unlike other prejudices – for example, against Blacks – this prejudice is eliminationist: Jews deserve to be exterminated. About half of American young people support Hamas, which openly expresses this genocidal ideology. Now are you worried?

“Of the more than 1,400 people murdered, 784 bodies have been delivered to this site, in refrigerated trucks. The bodies are already bagged by first responders; the forensic investigators then have to open the bags to identify the victims. They dread the moment.”

Never Again

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