About 500 Americans Held Hostage In Gaza

By | November 1, 2023 | 0 Comments

Report: Now an estimated 500 Americans are being held hostage in Gaza, while Hamas prevents them from leaving.

If Teddy Roosevelt were in the White House, he would say, “America wants the hostages alive or Hamas dead.” But Joe Biden is in the White House. He says, “We’re trying like hell to get them back.”

In primary school I learned that schoolyard bullies preyed on the smaller kids but left the bigger boys alone. This basic lesson has yet to be learned by the geniuses who inhabit the White House and Departments of State and Defense. They still believe that exhibiting weakness and confusion is the key to a peaceful world. Their role model is Neville Chamberlain, not Teddy Roosevelt.

If you’re lookin’ for trouble,
Just look right in my face.
‒ Elvis Presley, “Trouble,” King Creole


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