“Anne Frank 2: The EnBidening”

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Murphy’s Law of Rhetoric: If someone says something better than you could, just quote him and shut up.

Kurt Schlichter:

A pack of braying savages-sycophants cornered some Jewish students in New York City inside a school library not long ago. The solution to this was obvious – turn the cops on them – with sticks or worse – to disperse them, then expel the little degenerates. But what the powers that be went with was something wholly different. They helpfully suggested that the Jewish students hide in an attic.

In America.

In our biggest city.

Hide in an attic, Jews.

The solution to a bunch of vicious cheerleaders for people who put babies in ovens was not to utterly crush them and make them pay. No, the bright idea was that the Jews go hide in an attic.

“Anne Frank 2: The EnBidening.”


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