“I’d Rather Die Than Vote For Trump.” You May Get Your Wish

By | November 5, 2023 | 0 Comments

Kurt Schlichter, never one to mince words, says this about leftist Jews:

They say, “I’d rather die than vote for Donald Trump.” The way things are going in the Democratic Party, they may get their wish.

An exaggeration? Of course. But does it contain a kernel of painful truth? You bet it does. The Left always pretended to be pro-Jewish but anti-Israel. Now we finally understand that is self-contradicting. The Left is pro-Jewish so long as Jews keep to their place, donate money, and don’t make trouble. But their own country? No, that’s going way too far. Defending themselves? No, call for a cease fire.

Those who indiscriminately murder Jewish men, women, children, and even babies are “freedom fighters,” while Holocaust survivors and their descendants are “oppressors” and “colonizers.” Once you get that litany straight, everything falls into place. And if they point out that this is pure Nazism, call them Nazis.


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