Jewish Man Killed – Oh Wait, He Just Died

By | November 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

Paul Kessler, age 69, came out to counter a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Thousand Oaks, a suburb of Los Angeles. According to witnesses, he became involved in a physical altercation (often called a fight). He was either hit or pushed, fell backwards, hit his head on the street, and later died. Depending on the evidence, this is either voluntary manslaughter or second-degree murder with a hate-crime enhancement.

But according to the leftist media, Mr. Kessler just died. Pro-Israel? That means he supports apartheid, colonialism, oppression, and racism. How despicable can you get? He not only died, he deserved to die. Let’s bury the story on an inner page, and leave it off TV news entirely.

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