Actors Treated Like Crap

By | November 15, 2023 | 0 Comments
Some time ago we had our house painted in an LA summer. Every half hour the foreman yelled “Hydrate!” He had been a squad leader in Iraq. Minor sprains and strains are expected. But what Katee Sackhoff describes is life-threatening hyperthermia. Hot sound stage. hot space suit, in a hot Viper. Don’t drink water or have to pee. In the end Katee couldn’t say her lines.

Experienced actor can’t say lines? Director was angry but not worried that she was on verge of permanent brain or other injuries. Wouldn’t it be great if actors were as well cared-for as house painters? Long hours, unwanted sex scenes, okay. But needless danger to health? Not okay. SAG, wake up and take care of your members.

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