Anti-Semitic Drivers Strand Jews At Airport

By | November 15, 2023 | 0 Comments

About 900 pro-Israel activists from Detroit, mainly Jewish, planned a trip to Washington for a demonstration. They reserved buses to take them from the airport. But the buses did not come, stranding the Jews at Washington airport so they could not join the demonstration. The drivers called in sick. In fact they were sick, but spiritually, not physically.

First Amendment? Free speech? Can’t decide whether killing babies is wrong? Can’t say why 49 Muslim-majority nations are quite all right, but one Jewish-majority nation is one too many? Can’t say why emulating Hitler is not a good idea, either morally or practically? Can’t understand why this looks bad in our nation’s capital?

Murphy’s Law of Motivation: It may be difficult to distinguish stupidity from malice, but from the the point of view of the victims, what’s the difference?

Jew-hating bus drivers leave 900 Jews stranded on D.C. tarmac for hours

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