Advocating Genocide Of Jews May Be Permissible

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In the 1930s, German and Austrian universities were incubators of anti-Semitism. In the 2000 teens and 2020s, American universities serve the same diabolical purpose. But wait, you say. Most universities are run by the Left, and the chief anti-Semites were Nazis, whom most people regard on the Right. Yes, but so what? My father said anti-Semitism is like beige – it goes with everything. He couldn’t have been more correct.

Check out this disgusting video of a congressional hearing. The presidents of Harvard, MIT, and Penn are asked repeatedly whether advocating genocide of the Jewish people is against their rules and would be punished as harassment. All three said it depends on the context. That is, advocating genocide is permissible in certain contexts! One of these distinguished ladies declared it would be alright unless it developed into action. That is, you actually have to commit genocide before the university would punish you. You actually have to kill Jews before the administration would act. How academic and collegial is that?

If you send a young person to a standard university, you risk not merely that their heads will be filled with woke garbage. You also risk that they will be taught homicidal racism. You take out a second mortgage, and that’s what you get. What a deal!

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