Christmas Tree Lighting? Online Only, Best Be Careful

By | December 8, 2023 | 0 Comments

Gov. Newsom performed California’s 92nd annual Christmas tree lighting, despite threats to disrupt the ceremony by pro-Palestinian, anti-Christian progressives. But he did it online. The actual ceremony was private. The courage of the Democrat governor was limited to the internet.

But who cares? Who needs Christmas trees? Who needs Christmas? Who needs Christianity? WE DO. This I say as a Jew.

I grew up in a Christian country and was met by only faint traces of anti-Semitism that left me more bored that frightened. Now, in a post-Christian country, I watch a congressional hearing on TV, see three university presidents declare – or rather admit – that advocating genocide of the Jews is permissible speech on campus. I see Jewish students complain that they had to hide in their rooms from roving bands of violent anti-Semites. So now I am worried. In fact, I am frightened.

The most populous state in the nation, in which I live, fears to light its Christmas tree in public. My enemies are persistent and aggressive. My friends are insincere and cowardly. Why shouldn’t I be frightened?

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