Riley Gaines Assault “Unfounded”

By | February 23, 2024 | 0 Comments

Backed up by media video, former champion swimmer Riley Gaines says she was attacked, held hostage for money, and threatened with death after her speech favoring the rights of women athletes at San Francisco State University. But the university declines to press charges, claiming that the accusations are “unfounded.” Bottom line: When attempting to speak at universities, conservatives risk not only being shouted down, but also being assaulted and having their lives threatened.

But who funds this “institution of higher learning”? We taxpayers do. As a Californian, I do. What other people do is their business. But if they do it on my dime on my property, it’s my business. When Riley Gaines speaks on a campus, she should be escorted by the football team or the ROTC detachment. I’m sure she would get plenty of volunteers.

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