Chicago Removes Police From Schools In Response To Shootings. Wait, What?

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Report: “Chicago to Remove Cops From Schools After 100 Kids Shot at Chicago Schools in Last 5 Years.”

The proverb tells us that it is useless to lock the barn door after the horse is stolen. But here we have something even more useless and even less logical. Here we have, in effect, opening  the barn door after the horse has been stolen. Violent crime including murder hits Chicago school children. But the response of the woke city administration is not to do anything to increase security. On the contrary, it is to reduce security by removing police from schools.

To support this bizarre notion, you must accept that potential killers are not inhibited by the presence of police who can arrest them or, in the extreme, kill them. No, that doesn’t deter criminals. On the contrary, they are deterred by the absence of police. This is similar to claiming that horse theft is deterred by leaving the barn door not just unlocked but wide open. File under D for Dangerous. Cross-file under H for Horse poop.

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